3 reasons why you should invest in a spiralizer

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a struggle, thanks to my latest kitchen gadget – the spiralizer! The one I’m using is the Gefu Spirelli Spiral Slicer – a handheld spiralizer that basically works like a pencil sharpener. It’s easy to use and I like that it doesn’t take up much space. If you’re wondering whether a spiralizer is worth the purchase, consider these three reasons.

Make instant unprocessed meals
Most of us lead such busy lives, we don’t always feel like spending a long hour in the kitchen. Instead of reaching for those instant noodles, whip up a quicker and better meal with a spiralizer. It takes under two minutes to spiralize one whole zucchini. The result? Instant zoodles! If you’re on a part-raw diet like I am, toss in your dressing and go ahead and eat them raw. But if you prefer them cooked, here’s a stir-fried recipe you can try. They’re good either way. Unfortunately where I live, zucchinis aren’t exactly cheap. So I stretch out the number of portions I can make by mixing in other vegetables.

Lose weight naturally
Simply replacing pasta or rice with spiralized vegetables makes a huge difference. It helps you naturally lose weight because of the lower calories. My husband can testify to that. He shed 4kg of excess weight in three weeks by making this small change. It also helps you to maintain your figure after you’ve reached your target weight. On top of that, eating a variety of vegetables is a good way to get in more vitamins and minerals.

Kickstart a healthy lifestyle
Making the switch to a healthier lifestyle has been a slow but steady process for me. As my best friend puts it, I’m at a point in my life where I’m only “semi-healthy”. I love my spiralizer because it was just what I needed to spice up my meals and make them look more appetizing. Not to mention how much fun it is to watch your vegetables turn into noodles. If it helps you eat healthier, why not give spiralizing a try?

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Invest In A Spiralizer 03

Do you already own a spiralizer? What are some of your favourite recipes? Do share and let me know in the comments below. I would love to try them.

♥ Melody

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