5 reasons why I love breastfeeding

My breastfeeding journey began when my daughter Zooey was two weeks old. She was born a few weeks premature, so to compensate she nursed around the clock. Now at one and a half years old, we nurse less frequently, but it is so demanding that at times, I feel worn out.

I battle with my perfectionist self daily. House chores pile up and it often feels like I don’t get much done. Sometimes I wish Zooey would stop waking me up during the night and stop calling my boob in the middle of her nap. I feel terrible for harbouring such thoughts, so this post is a reminder to myself on those days. Because when it’s over, I know I am going to miss it.

My 5 Reasons Why I Love Breastfeeding:

The Extra Cuddles
Our nursing sessions mean extra bonding time. I really appreciate these moments because I get to give my little girl more hugs, more kisses, more cuddles and whisper more ‘I love yous’.

The Nap Inducer
Naps are a mummy’s best friend. Nursing Zooey as she’s taking a nap is somewhat calming and relaxing. In fact so relaxing I often drift off to nap land with her.

The Boo-boo Soother
When you have an adventurous little explorer running around, there’s nothing quicker than whipping out the boob to fix your boo-boo problem!

The ‘Breastfeeding’ Card
Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation you wanted to get out of? Enough said.

The $ Saver
I like the ease of breastfeeding. No preparing or sterilizing bottles and no worrying about running out of formula. Best of all it’s free of cost.



To all my fellow nursing mums, what do you love about breastfeeding?

♥ Melody

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