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toddler tested: messy play with indoor sand

Sands Alive 01

I struggle to keep the house tidy. You see, I live with a cabinet opening, shoe throwing, sticker pasting, snack throwing toddler. As I mentioned in my first toddler tested post, Zooey has a short attention span. Whatever new toy or activity I throw at her will only intrigue her for 10 minutes. Then she gets bored and moves on. However when it comes to messy play, she stays put much longer. Last month, I introduced her to a new sensory activity using rice in a shallow bin. And she loved it! She spent at least a good 20 minutes playing with the rice and emptying the bin. She was...

4 outfits that make on-the-go breastfeeding easier

breastfeeding outfit 01

Motherhood comes with its share of challenges. As a breastfeeding mum, one of those challenges is finding an outfit I can easily nurse in. In my earlier breastfeeding days, I would get frustrated because none of pre-pregnancy clothes were nursing-friendly. Sometimes I still need to remind myself of everything I’ve written in my earlier post. I’ve been breastfeeding for almost two years now and most days, I have no trouble picking out what to wear. Yes, comfort comes first, but you don’t have to be limited to buying “proper” nursing wear. Skip the maternity section and go for clothes that will last beyond your breastfeeding years. If you need ideas,...

toddler tested: sticky wall activity

Toddler Sticky Wall Activity 01

I am so excited to start the ‘Toddler Tested’ series with you guys. This is where I will be documenting how Zooey responds to new activities, toys and food she tries out. The first post for this series is a sticky wall activity for toddlers. Any parent with a toddler knows that keeping the little ones busy is no easy task. Zooey, being the active toddler she is, will not focus on any activity (besides watching) for longer than 10 mins. And that’s on a good day. I am trying to cut down her media time, but dealing with the additional tantrums is proving to be quite the challenge. Thank...

6 tips for cloth diaper newbies

Cloth Diaper Tips 01

I must admit that before I first started using cloth diapers, I was scared of the cleanup. Baby poop on cloth just seemed nastier and I can’t just throw the diaper away. Nevertheless my husband and I agreed that the pros outweighed the cons. We went ahead and made the purchase! So far it has worked out great for us. The cleanup isn’t as horrible as I imagined it to be. Not that I look forward to each poopy diaper, but you get used to it. If you’re a new mummy (or daddy) who’s looking to cloth diaper your little one, here are 6 tips to make your cloth diaper...

5 reasons why I love breastfeeding

I Love Breastfeeding 01

My breastfeeding journey began when my daughter Zooey was two weeks old. She was born a few weeks premature, so to compensate she nursed around the clock. Now at one and a half years old, we nurse less frequently, but it is so demanding that at times, I feel worn out. I battle with my perfectionist self daily. House chores pile up and it often feels like I don’t get much done. Sometimes I wish Zooey would stop waking me up during the night and stop calling my boob in the middle of her nap. I feel terrible for harbouring such thoughts, so this post is a reminder to myself on...