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reclaiming life: tsujiri and why weekends are important

Tsujiri 01

It has taken me a tad longer than usual to get this post out. The month of October has been a whirlwind. Everyone is busy. Everything is hurried. Every moment is chaotic. Peered through one end of the scope, it is sanity according to the media industry. Peered through the other end, it is what it is – insanity.  In short, work has been a big B the entire month. When I think about it, there are plenty of things to be despondent about. In the despondency, there are then many issues to be angry about. In the anger, there are many aspects I will begin to desire control over....

scoop therapy: in lieu of 3 things for better work productivity 

Scoop Therapy 01

Work gets pretty crazy at the office. It gets so crazy that a lot of the times, it is easy to allow stress to build up, lose myself in the doing and forego the thinking.  If I let that snowball, I know I’ll eventually suffer what CEO of Corporate Balance, Michael E Kibler calls a “brownout”.  When considering how to prevent that in my own career, as with most, I turn to google. My search would typically read something like this: How to stay motivated at work; how to increase efficiency; how to be more productive; habits of successful women. And my search results often yielded plenty of listicals. Nine...


Belle & Melody Hello

The first “hello” is never easy but once uttered into that empty space between two persons, the air turns warm and the room brightens up.  It doesn’t matter how shy and soft or how loud and brazen the “hello” was.  What is important is that fellowship was extended, people connected and relationships take root.  So, in the same way that we bonded over a simple, tentative but sincere greeting, we’re saying “hello!” to you – simply, tentatively but sincerely. Setting up a platform where we can share in the things we love was something that has been on our minds for a really long time.  Taking the step to realize was at once...