The first “hello” is never easy but once uttered into that empty space between two persons, the air turns warm and the room brightens up.  It doesn’t matter how shy and soft or how loud and brazen the “hello” was.  What is important is that fellowship was extended, people connected and relationships take root.  So, in the same way that we bonded over a simple, tentative but sincere greeting, we’re saying “hello!” to you – simply, tentatively but sincerely.

Setting up a platform where we can share in the things we love was something that has been on our minds for a really long time.  Taking the step to realize was at once thrilling and nerve-wrecking.  Starting it here and now with a simple “hello” marks a new chapter in our friendship and a new adventure in our lives.  It’s a friendship that we hope will grow and blossom.  It’s an adventure that we hope will build us up to become better people.  And all along the way, we want to embrace everyone who is inspired to jump onto this bandwagon with us.

So… hello! 😀 Welcome to elephant and tea.  We’re two really simple girls with a simple desire to share the things we love in the simple hopes that it will touch and inspire you in your everyday too.  We’d love if you would say “hello” too. 🙂

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