how I save on hand soap

When you’re a mum to a toddler, you invest extra time and care to making sure your hands (and your little one’s) are almost always clean. I wash my hands twice as much now than I used to, especially before I prepare Zooey’s meals and after diaper changes. We can go through an entire bottle of hand soap within a week!

I don’t buy hand soap. I am just not comfortable using cheaper brands of liquid soap on a daily basis because they often contain a lot of chemical nasties. And natural liquid hand soaps are too expensive to buy in large amounts. (We have to stick to our budget.)

Two years ago, I started making my own liquid hand soap. It’s easy to make, inexpensive and all you need is a bar soap and water. Any bar soap will work but I prefer to use one with natural and organic ingredients such as Sappo Hill. Their soaps are available in a pack of 12 which I purchase here.


To make your liquid hand soap, you first need to grate your bar soap. Fill about *10-12 cups of water into a medium sized pot. Add in your grated soap. Turn on the heat to medium and stir every once in a while. When the soap has fully dissolved, turn off the heat and let your liquid soap cool before transferring to a large container.

*You will need to experiment with the amount of water as consistency of the liquid soap will vary depending on the type of bar soap and its ingredients.


Sometimes I add in a couple of drops of tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties. You can also choose to use any other ingredients you wish to include. One batch of liquid hand soap lasts us about two months for our three person household. I hope you will give it a try. 🙂

♥ Melody

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