reclaiming life: tsujiri and why weekends are important

It has taken me a tad longer than usual to get this post out. The month of October has been a whirlwind. Everyone is busy. Everything is hurried. Every moment is chaotic. Peered through one end of the scope, it is sanity according to the media industry. Peered through the other end, it is what it is – insanity. 

In short, work has been a big B the entire month. When I think about it, there are plenty of things to be despondent about. In the despondency, there are then many issues to be angry about. In the anger, there are many aspects I will begin to desire control over. Yet, these are issues that are bigger than the individual and matters that are outside of my control. 

So I stopped, took a step back, allowed myself to breathe and… let go. My refuge: the weekends. It is when I am able to reclaim a semblance of life and add life back into the equation that we all call “work-life balance”. In being able to reclaim life, I am able to reclaim myself. This is why weekends are important to me – sacred even. 

What then makes up the elements of “life” and therefore, a sense of self? It’s a few simple pleasures. 

Books & magazines. They are my brain food, my leisure, my escape, my inspiration. Whilst the books I read depend on what catches my attention, I do have magazines that are my absolute go-to. If you’ve read our bio, you’ll know I’m a Frankie and Kinfolk fan. There is always something meaningful yet a whole lot of quirky in them. Beautiful print and layouts are a plus. 

When it comes to reading, I’m super old-school at heart and have an unwavering faith in print. So magazines like Frankie, Kinfolk and Cereal are for me, a source of both professional and personal hope that print and all the art that is tied to it will survive the digital age. 

Switching off. The best thing I’ve done for myself is to switch off on the weekends. Not that I literally turn off my mobile but that I choose not to answer to anything that is work-related unless it is an emergency. 

Switching off is also a mindful action on my part to simply tune out my thoughts and drink in my surroundings in a sensory manner. This allows my mind to de-stress and my body to unwind. 

Muffles. Just looking at him is enough to melt the worries of work away. His quirks and perks never fail to put a smile of my face, and light my heart with joy. But more importantly, Muffles has taught me and constantly reminds me to live in the present moment. Life is too short to waste on regretting the past and fretting about tomorrow. 

Indulgence. Weekends are for pampering. I’m just a poor writer so there will be no luxurious spas and what-nots here. Rather, my indulgence is in the little mouthfuls of joys. 

Last weekend my happiness was found in a cup of authentic matcha, shiratama kinkako kuromitsu and a slice of matcha roll cake at Tsujiri.  To be honest, I’m in it for the shiratama a little more than I am for the matcha. Not because the matcha is bad (in fact it is far from it. Tsujiri has a long history of offering quality green tea products) but because I have an odd love for shiratama. 😅 There is something about its chewiness that brings me this indescribable delight. 😁🤓 

That said, Tsujiri (for me) is the next best place for a good serving of matcha besides Nana’s. 


Time for love. What are good snacks and desserts without someone special to share it with right? Weekends are when I can spend quality time with my boyfriend, unwind and recharge for the week ahead with a healthy dose of love. 

Family. They are the people who annoy me the most. But they are also the people who never fail to make me laugh and bring me joy. My dad is the Master of Reality Checks while my mum is our Source of Strength. My brother is the Prince of Annoyance while my sister is my soulmate. Weekends with them remind me of who I am, where I belong and what is important. 



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