nesting rope bowls (DIY)

I have a weak spot for pretty serveware. However, every time I buy a new plate or bowl I end up buying one with the same design. This is one I bought recently. My more than adequate collection of blue rimmed serveware became my inspiration behind these rope bowls. 

I already had rope from a project that I abandoned. My attempt to crochet a giant rope carpet for Zooey’s play room last month was too time consuming and expensive. While in a crafty mood, I picked up my rope again yesterday to put together a completely different project. 

I wanted a replica of my blue rimmed oval serving dish but I didn’t have blue paint, so I opted for bronze instead. I thought it would be fun to make the rope bowls in a nesting set of three. And you save storage space when they’re not in use. Read on to learn how you can make them yourself.


You will need:
Cotton rope, Glue Gun, Craft Paint, Paintbrush, Scissors, Bowl


Step One: Start by gluing together the base using the inner surface of your bowl as a guide.

Step Two: Work your way up to the sides. Stop gluing when you reach the second last round. Leave enough rope for the last round and trim.


Step Three: Paint the rim part of the rope and leave it to dry.

Step Four: Finish by gluing the painted end of the rope. To make the bigger bowl, repeat the process using the outer surface of the bowl as a guide. To make the smaller bowl, use the inner surface of your medium sized rope bowl as a guide.



That’s it! I’ll be using these rope bowls as holders for my little trinkets but they also make a pretty neat gift, don’t you think?

♥ Melody

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