Belle & Melody

Hello. We’re Belle and Melody. And this is us – elephant and tea. Our story is a simple one. Two seemingly unlikely friends, we bonded over a common love for all things craft and home-made. How? Over a very polite question: How was your weekend. Needless to say, we hit it off right away enthusing over designs that thrill us, cooking attempts that went well (or killed the appetite), craft projects that we tried and loved (or messed up) and our precious ones, Muffles and Zooey, whom we love to bits. Bottom line is, nothing delights us more than embarking on a bit of creative fun. And it is on this same crazy enthusiasm that we created elephant and tea to divulge in our lives’ little delights. Sometimes quirky, sometimes dainty, our only hope is that you’ll enjoy elephant and tea as much as we do.

10 Things about Belle
1. Dad is very sure that I’ll go bald in the near future because I wash my hair twice a day / 2. I’m still going to wash my hair twice a day / 3. Always 30 minutes late / 4. Mum says the reason I’m a writer today is because she held the pen when she cradled me in her womb / 5. Weakness: Labels that read “organic”, “bio-degradable”, “gluten-free” and all that other jargon / 6. Talent: Can fall asleep in a snap / 7. Frankie and Kinfolk hoarder / 8. I’m Muffles’ second favourite person in the whole world / 9. My boyfriend is Japanese and he loves me / 10. An unintentional workaholic and addict of laziness

10 Things about Melody
1. ’90s kid / 2. Follower of Jesus / 3. I married my first boyfriend / 4. Mummy to Zooey / 5. I live in the desert / 6. There’s always room for ice-cream / 7. I love naps / 8. A pyrophobic / 9. Frankie collector / 10. I can’t swallow a pill