scoop therapy: in lieu of 3 things for better work productivity 

Work gets pretty crazy at the office. It gets so crazy that a lot of the times, it is easy to allow stress to build up, lose myself in the doing and forego the thinking.  If I let that snowball, I know I’ll eventually suffer what CEO of Corporate Balance, Michael E Kibler calls a “brownout”. 

When considering how to prevent that in my own career, as with most, I turn to google. My search would typically read something like this: How to stay motivated at work; how to increase efficiency; how to be more productive; habits of successful women. And my search results often yielded plenty of listicals. Nine out of 10 tips on the list will talk about how to be organised and how to prioritise – which is great, except that they are still about the “doing”. And it’s the constant “doing” that leaves you dry. 

So what am I missing? 

Relooking at all those lists, I realised that I had glazed over that one point that mattered the most across all those listicals. 

  1. Have breakfast
  2. Take timely breaks 
  3. Stretch your body 
  4. Workout 
  5. Read to your child in the morning
  6. Walk your dog 

The list goes on.  But the point is simple: 

Press pause. In other words, stop. It is perfectly fine to have pockets of time where you are not actively engaged with your work. Don’t even study your “to-do” list. Put work down for a bit and step away from it. 

Walk around a little if you have to, which was exactly what I did. Because I write for a pet magazine among other titles, there are days when Muffles goes into the office with me. 😊 And I love the little walks we have together, in between my articles and emails. Stepping out of the office makes for a wonderfully refreshing breather. 

Scoop Therapy. Clearly, I’m so excited at the thought of this that I’m not quite thinking straight. Lol. What I meant is:  indulge a little.  A short break in between work is not restricted to that sad trip to the restroom. You should take 5 and while at it, you should indulge in a little bit of happiness.  

For Muffles and myself, our little happiness last Friday was a snappy trip to  Scoop Therapy (the ice cream and dessert engine of Group Therapy Coffee). And boy, it was therapy indeed! 😋 

They have such an assortment of interesting flavours! From Apple Pie and Butter Beer to Lychee Rose and Salted Egg Yolk, decision making took on a different dimension. I share my ice cream with Muffles so I opted for a double scoop of good old vanilla and passion fruit. 

Smooth yet rich, subtle yet flavourful, every bite of ice cream was a beautiful blend of taste and texture. Reasonably priced at $7 for a double scoop, $4 for a single scoop and $4.50 for a single scoop on charcoal cone, I love that this ice cream bar stays true to its slogan: therapy can be affordable! 

Think a little. To be more precise: take time to “think and wonder; wonder and think”. In your pockets of pauses, your mind will wander. This wandering is therapy in itself because it is allowed to kick back from overdrive. And in this therapy, the thinking sets things out better. 

 So here’s to great ice cream, clear minds and amazing work output! 😊 



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