toddler tested: sticky wall activity

I am so excited to start the ‘Toddler Tested’ series with you guys. This is where I will be documenting how Zooey responds to new activities, toys and food she tries out. The first post for this series is a sticky wall activity for toddlers.

Any parent with a toddler knows that keeping the little ones busy is no easy task. Zooey, being the active toddler she is, will not focus on any activity (besides watching) for longer than 10 mins. And that’s on a good day. I am trying to cut down her media time, but dealing with the additional tantrums is proving to be quite the challenge.

Thank goodness for Pinterest! There are so many creative mummies out there sharing their easy and affordable toddler activity ideas. Because Zooey loves stickers, I picked out an activity I was hoping would keep her interested longer.

The Activity: We tried out a sticky wall activity I found on the ‘I Can Teach My Child‘ blog by Jenae. You can check it out here. I wasn’t too sure what contact paper was. I figured it must be the transparent self-adhesive paper that come in rolls – the kind we would use to laminate school books back in the day. So I taped up a sheet (sticky side up) on the wall, making sure it was low enough for Zooey to reach. For the stickies, I used popsicle sticks, cut up paper straws and punched out circles from coloured paper.

Sticky Wall Toddler Activity 02

Toddler Tested: As with anything new, Zooey was curious but decided to make a mess of the stickies first before figuring out that hey, they stick on the wall! She enjoyed putting up the paper circles most, perhaps because it was easiest to stay stuck. Overall, she lasted about 12 mins with this activity. Not too bad.

Sticky Wall Toddler Activity 03

My Thoughts: Zooey still needs supervision with this sticky wall activity, because she tends to put everything in mouth. I like how the adhesive is strong enough to hold the heavier stickies like the popsicle sticks. At the same time it’s not too strong either as it doesn’t tear away the paper circles when you remove them. The sticky wall also makes a great tool for teaching your toddler colours and shapes. I am considering covering the entire stretch of wall with contact paper! Thank you Jenae!

Sticky Wall Toddler Activity 04

Sticky Wall Toddler Activity 05

Well that’s all for the first ‘Toddler Tested’ post. Mums and dads, what activities have you tried with your toddler and did he/she enjoy them? If you have any ideas or suggestions for a toddler activity you think Zooey should try out, please let me know in the comments. 🙂

♥ Melody

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