crochet polaroid photo frames (DIY)

Crochet Frames 01

I don’t know why but I used to find crochet intimidating. My aunt is an avid crocheter. When I was younger, I used to watch her crochet everything from coasters to table cloths, but I never really got into the craft. It wasn’t until a little freebie I received from an issue of Mollie Makes, that I started taking an interest in crochet. Once I learnt the basics, which did not take long to learn, crochet became an outlet for me to relax and de-stress. I wish I had started sooner! It is the perfect craft activity for me because I love repetition and not having to think (much). Plus...

nesting rope bowls (DIY)

DIY Rope Bowls 01

I have a weak spot for pretty serveware. However, every time I buy a new plate or bowl I end up buying one with the same design. This is one I bought recently. My more than adequate collection of blue rimmed serveware became my inspiration behind these rope bowls.  I already had rope from a project that I abandoned. My attempt to crochet a giant rope carpet for Zooey’s play room last month was too time consuming and expensive. While in a crafty mood, I picked up my rope again yesterday to put together a completely different project.  I wanted a replica of my blue rimmed oval serving dish but...

mini embossed birthday cards (DIY)

Embossed Cards 01

I love September. Not only is it my birthday month but some of my most favourite people (you know who you are!) are also celebrating their birthdays in the coming week. Today I am sharing a simple birthday card DIY because special people deserve a little handmade love. As much as I love making cards, they can be time-consuming for us busy mums. So I usually stick to making little 2.5 x 2.5″ cards. They’re quicker to make and you don’t necessarily need an envelope for them, because they can double as gift tags. I don’t know why I didn’t think to incorporate dry embossing onto a card before. The...