oh happy pie: homemade meat pies for your canine

Oh Happy Pie 01

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you’ll realise that we cook Muffles’ every meal. It’s a lot of work but seeing him keep good health makes it all worthwhile. Of course, his food journey didn’t start with home-cooked meals. Like every first pet parent, we had him on kibbles then raw and finally, home cooked. We’re not fans of processed dry food for Muffles and the raw diet has its benefits, but home-cooked worked out best for him. Every canine fares differently under different diets. Some live long and well on kibbles while others don’t. It really is a bit of a trial and error. For the most part,...

b’day cake for the b’day boy

Muffles Birthday 01

Time really flies. Today, Muffles turns four. Convert the dog years to human years and my little pup is about 28 years old. Time really flies.  Now as with all our loved ones’ birthdays, one can never celebrate it without a cake right? So staying true to the tradition, my sister and I hit the kitchen, and set about baking the birthday boy a birthday cake – canine style. 😁  Basically, you’ll need every ingredient that you see in the image above. You may adjust the quantity of ingredients used, depending on the size of your Fido. We used it in the following quantity:  Half an apple, chopped  1kg of...