Woofer & Purrlensky: Because dogs deserve luxuries too 

For all the shopping paradise that Singapore is, it is amazingly difficult to get really nice, really sophisticated pet-related products here. So when Woofer & Purrlensky popped up on our sunny island, my sister and I were immediately sold. From its pet-loving philosophy to its modern-vintage vibe and collection of New York soho-inspired designs, there is much to love about this mini shopping haven located along Erskine Road.  Gorgeous pet carriers, luxurious pet beds, plush blankets, lush towels, organic toiletries, truly pet-safe squeakies, hand knitted toys, beautifully handcrafted leather collars with matching leashes, and the most charming pet clothings and accessories, each item is carefully curated by Bev and comes...

how I save on hand soap

Saving Hand Soap 01

When you’re a mum to a toddler, you invest extra time and care to making sure your hands (and your little one’s) are almost always clean. I wash my hands twice as much now than I used to, especially before I prepare Zooey’s meals and after diaper changes. We can go through an entire bottle of hand soap within a week! I don’t buy hand soap. I am just not comfortable using cheaper brands of liquid soap on a daily basis because they often contain a lot of chemical nasties. And natural liquid hand soaps are too expensive to buy in large amounts. (We have to stick to our budget.)...