Woofer & Purrlensky: Because dogs deserve luxuries too 

For all the shopping paradise that Singapore is, it is amazingly difficult to get really nice, really sophisticated pet-related products here. So when Woofer & Purrlensky popped up on our sunny island, my sister and I were immediately sold. From its pet-loving philosophy to its modern-vintage vibe and collection of New York soho-inspired designs, there is much to love about this mini shopping haven located along Erskine Road. 

Gorgeous pet carriers, luxurious pet beds, plush blankets, lush towels, organic toiletries, truly pet-safe squeakies, hand knitted toys, beautifully handcrafted leather collars with matching leashes, and the most charming pet clothings and accessories, each item is carefully curated by Bev and comes together to create a complete look marked by sophistication. A fashion designer with a solid portfolio, Bev is also the creative mind behind some of Woofer & Purrlensky’s handmade products. (Cue: leather collars, hand knitted kitty toys and leather pet beds) Walking about the store, we would have snagged one of each item off the shelves had our bank accounts allowed for such carefree consumerism.

After much thought and time, we settled on two items (for now): A set of really pretty bath towels and an organic bar soap. Our verdict: We absolutely love them! 😍 

To be honest, we weren’t entirely sure if the bar soap would be as pleasant to use as its Lemonblossom and Rosemary scent promises to be. (Yes, we bought it just because it looked and smelled so good; without care of its practicality and usefulness. Haha!) However, after one wash, we were convinced otherwise. The bar soap was surprisingly more efficient, more convenient and more economical to use than liquid shampoos. You see, with liquid shampoos, we had to follow through with conditioner and Muffles usually started to stink up by the third day after his bath. (He goes out a lot. Three to four times a day for walks and family outings.) With the bar soap, the conditioner was unnecessary and he still smelled fresh even five days after his bath. This means we were able to reduce Muffles’ bath time as well as the extra cost of conditioners while achieving results that are more lasting and effective. 

To top it all off, the canine bar soap is organic! So yes, this means that it does not contain any of them nasties (i.e. No parabens, no sodium laureth, no synthetics, no sulfate, no posphate and no phthalate). In the place of all these horrid substances are wonderful, earth-friendly, pet-loving essential oils. Handcrafted and so gentle to use, it really is a pampering treat for both Muffles and our hands, and well worth the full $28. 

The bath towels are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. Made of 100% organic cotton, it is soft and silky to touch. So Muffles absolutely loves towelling down after his shower now. More importantly, these towels have better absorbency than the ones off-the-shelves. So it really is way easier and faster for us to dry him.  Priced at $60, it may seem hefty on the pockets but truly the time saved is a huge bonus for us because Muffles isn’t the easiest dog to shower. 

While crafting this post, my sister and I have been back at Woofer & Purrlensky. There is something addictive about the place – really. Haha. And we’ve got Muffles a good Christmas haul. 😁 It’s a tad too early but, we were simply too excited. 

And because we’re in such a jolly, festive mood, we got a little something from Woofer & Purrlensky as a Christmas giveaway. Both the blog post and giveaway will be coming along soon. So do look out for it! 😊  

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